Installation Services (Bought a Lock from Qoo10)

If you already purchase your own digital lock from Qoo10, our installers will install them and teach you how to use

After every installation we will prove our workmanship in Facebook

Our Installer Rates

Purchase Parts Warranty (Qoo10 Digital Lock)

Unlike other companies, we can sell you parts warranty as long as you purchase from Qoo10 Korea

However, the digital lock need to be installed by us, as we need to check the condition of the digital lock before installing & issue warranty



1st Year Parts Warranty – $60



2nd Year Parts Warranty – $60


Transportation Charge

Transportation Charge per trip $60 (9am to 6pm) & $90 (6pm to 9am)


What makes us different is, we carries all the Samsung and Gateman Digital Lock Spare parts to conduct repair and replacement services

24 Hours Emergency Locksmith Services for Digital Lock

 Break Lock Service (Locksmith) $150 (9am to 6pm) & $200 (6pm to 9am)

Sales and Replacement of Digital Lock after breaking the lock (Matches the Qoo10 Price on that Day)


Korea Warehouse

OPPA Digital Lock was form by all the digital lock suppliers in Qoo10 Korea

In Korea, 95% of the residential uses digital lock

Many dealers have to purchase a lot of Korean Digital Lock in order to become the dealer, therefore, we are willing to sell to Singapore at our cost price to meet our monthly target


korea_export2             korea_export1

Digital Lock for Residential & Office

These are some of the Digital lock installed onto the Korean Doors